Ground Investigation Services

In The Midlands

Why you need a ground investigation

There are a variety of reasons why you might need to conduct a ground investigation at your individual or commercial property. For example, to check for the presence of shallow mine workings or abandoned mine shafts, to determine the geotechnical characteristics of the ground (its classification, strength and compressibility) or to assess whether the soils/groundwater are contaminated.

No matter the type of specific analysis you require, our experienced team at Ground Investigation Specialists Ltd can get you accurate results on a schedule that works. We use a wide variety of techniques depending on the geology, past history, topography and access available and the nature of the proposed development, whether it is a house extension or a new retail park anywhere in Mainland U.K.

Available exploratory techniques

  • Trial pitting/trenching by hand or mechanical excavator
  • Hand auger boring
  • Window/windowless sampling
  • Dynamic probing
  • Cable percussion drilling
  • Rotary open hole and core drilling

Our team, our promise

Our team of specialist ground engineers have the education and professional background to tackle even the most challenging site investigations. Working with us you will get a commitment to quality.  

Our goal is to build a lasting relationship, and your complete satisfaction is our priority – that’s our promise.

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